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Would be even more useful for you and your team, if you could:

  • Add and remove collections from the list of those being searched?
  • Add your own private, homegrown or proprietary collections?
  • Add the collections you currently subscribe to?
  • Group collections differently?
  • Provide email and RSS-feed based alerts?
  • Create custom search pages for different team members or departments?
  • Create "mashups" of common search terms, for a "news-like" panel for users and search engine optimization purposes?
  • Use your own look-and-feel that matches your Intranet or Internet website? is based on next-generation deep web search technology is brought to you by the folks at Deep Web Technologies, a leader in deep web search technology. This technology is based on next-generation federated search technology, and makes it possible to search multiple collections of high-value content at the same time. What is federated search technology? Learn more...

It's cheaper than you might think!

Starting as little as $7,000 per year for organizations (and significantly less for individuals), Deep Web Technologies can provide your own deep web search, based on the size of your organization, the specific features you want, and the number of collections you want to include in your search.

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Please Contact Us us to obtain a price quote, discuss options or ask questions. If you mention that you learned of us from , we will knock 10% off any one-time costs! We would love to hear from you!

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