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About is a free, publicly available deep web search engine that uses advanced "federated search technology" to return high quality results by submitting your search query - in real-time - to other well respected search engines then collating, ranking and dropping duplicates of the results. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Would be more useful, if you could integrate subscription-based collections or your own internal databases? Learn more... is unique

Using state-of-the-art federated search technology from Deep Web Technologies, accelerates your research by returning the most relevant results from over 300 authoritative science and technology collections to one, easily navigable page. Each search is done in real-time, searching the collections you select as if you were entering the search term on each separate website yourself. removes duplicate results, and then weighs each result for relevance according to how closely it matches your search word or phrase. accelerates health search

  • Credible research collections - Each collection is chosen for its outstanding contributions to the world of science.

  • Strong search parameters - The technology supports the strongest search operators and parameters for each collection, and includes support for specific phrases (i.e. within quotes) and complex Boolean operators.

  • Intuitive navigation tools - From topical clustering to sort options, offers you the best in navigation tools while keeping the navigation simple.

  • Search individual collections - is truly a one-stop search website! Select up to three categories that you wish to search on the advanced search page, or select individual collections within each category for a more focused search.

  • Advanced search features - Looking for a particular title or author? Perhaps a specific year? allows you to narrow your search by entering exactly what you are looking for.

  • Downloadable results - Email or download your selected results to a citation reader for easy reference offline.

  • Five star ranking system - uses a state-of-the-art five star ranking algorithm to find the best result for the search, whether or not the collection can rank results. was created by Deep Web Technologies

Deep Web Technologies, creates custom, sophisticated federated search solutions for clients who demand precise, accurate results. Founded by industry thought-leader Abe Lederman, Deep Web Technologies created the powerful Explorit Research Accelerator, software that searches, retrieves, aggregates and analyzes content from deep web collections - content otherwise inaccessible to the popular search engines. Serving Fortune 500 companies, the Alliance, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Defense Technical Information Center,, and a variety of research and library alliances, Deep Web Technologies has built a reputation as the "researcher's choice" for its advanced, agile information discovery tools.

There other free, deep web search portals available

Deep Web Technologies is proud to sponsor, or have developed on behalf of its clients, some of the following popular deep web search portals:

  • - A free, deep web search portal focused on business issues.

  • - Federated Search of public and subscription collections such as Cochrane Library, PubMed and Medline Plus for medical researchers.

  • - is a free federated vertical search portal to the digital libraries of leading worldwide science and technology societies.

  • The Alliance - is a gateway to over 50 million pages of authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. government agencies, including research and development results.

  • - is a global science gateway-accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases. can be customized for your business

Would be more useful, if you could integrate subscription-based collections or your own internal databases? Learn more...

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